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Dynatomy is an educational program

It can be accessed through an online subscription using a login and password.  It consists of two main divisions: MUSCLES and JOINTS. Muscle animations show the attachments, position and action of each muscle.   Joint animations build up each joint by bringing together structural components and demonstrating joint movements.  Additional animations accompany each muscle and joint to show special features or relationships. Together there are over 800 detailed interactive animations of the human musculoskeletal system. To really understand how muscles and joints work, you must see how they move! Students, educators and health professionals will find themselves losing track of time as they become engrossed in this superb collection of dynamic animations.

Dynatomy is user friendly and will enable you to:

  • Control the speed and repetitions of the animations
  • Quickly access material by anatomical region
  • Have fun while improving your knowledge of musculoskeletal anatomy
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